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Soya-Chaap Sticks at Home (Not recipe)


Soya-Chaap,one of the favorites among North Indian Vegans.This is because it's texture is very similar to non veg,but it is purely veg :).Generally these are readily available in the grocery and frozen food shops in India,but here I will provide the method to make these chaap at home.Yes... I am not talking about the Soya Chaap recipe but how to make the raw Soya Chaaps at home.Hope you like it.

Though it is always called soya chaaps but these are made of simple wheat flour.Wondered? Yes, simple wheat flour becomes so sticky and creates chewy strands by following method mentioned below just like readymade soyabean chaaps.This is as a result of flour contains protein that is that the stickier half in it and that we can build use of that solely. 

Items you would require for creating Soya-Chaaps at home are:

Whole wheat flour - 4 cups
Cold Water- A lot
Food processor with dough making attachment.
Bowl to keep kneaded flour.
A large pot.

Take the flour and dump it into the kitchen appliance. 
Then, pour the water in.

Turn on the processor and let it knead the mixture for a couple of minute.
In a few minutes, it'll kind into a ball and begin rolling around within the processor. this is often however you recognize it's virtually done. If it simply variety of sloshes around, then you most likely want additional flour.give some additional, and it ought to bollix up pretty before long. Stop the kitchen appliance, and feel the ball. Is it still extremely sticky and sloshy? Let it's kneaded for simply a little whereas longer. It ought to be ready to keep in one piece.

Wash the Dough
Gouge the dough out of your kitchen appliance and stick it in an exceedingly giant bowl of warm/hot water. Let it sit there for twenty minutes.
What you've got to try and do is squish the sticky dough around in your hands underwater. it's best to try and do this within the sink. As you play with it, you'll begin to visualize the water turning white. this is often the starch washing out of the soon-to-be Chaap. Once the water has turned just about opaque, dump it down the drain. Be careful: at this stage within the proceedings, it's pretty simple to lose a big chunk of dough as you dump out the water.
Fill up the bowl once more, and continue washing. As you proceed on the cycle of filling, washing, and straining ,you'll begin to note that the dough is turning into gummier and stringier, and less stuff is washing out. this is often good.
Once you get towards concerning ten repetitions of the fill-wash-straing method, you'll notice very little exhausting items washing out of the dough. this is often the bran, and unless you actually wish the additional fiber, you must most likely wash it out.

After you get the dumpling as shown in picture(try to pull it off,if you see strands just like in raw chap ) then you are done.

Now the time to wrap it on sticks to look like the one available in stores. Or you can always use your creativity to give more unusual look :)

Prepare for Soya Chaap recipe
Now time to cook it just as you like.Roasted,Fried,Gravy whatever....I like it starter style,Tandoori chaap.

Hope you like it.. Enjoy Soya Chaap at home. :)
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vaishali sabnani said...

Similar recipe is used to make Mukand vadi in Sindhi Cuisine..but this surely looks authentic...

siddharth bhardwaj said...

People even add maida, do u recon, btw while washing I was left wid arnd 25% of d dough I took, any suggestions?

gaurav said...

pls vinay sar help me for makking soya chap by v

sameer rathi said...

I m going to start that kind of business in rohini. so anyone who knows making of chap sticks , can contect me-8750275777 ( Vikash )

Vinay Sharma said...

Please note that this process may lead to very lesser volume of dough for final chaap.So don't bother, this is normal.

Kumar Mridul said...

does soya chaap doesn't contain SOYA at all????
is that what u are referring to????

Anusha Jain said...

I think you've put "whole wheat flour" instead of "Soya flour" by mistake

javed said...

can anyone tell me correct method to make soya chaap or if anyone knows where it is available in gangtok or siliguri,,

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